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Unique Benefits

Unified addresses the risk and cost of NPE litigation by strategically protecting broad areas of technology, such as cloud storage or content delivery. Unified's unique solution partners large companies, SMEs and startups to proactively deter NPE activity. The resources that we use include monitoring, market intelligence, claims analysis and USPTO challenges. By protecting important areas of technology, or Zones, Unified mitigates NPE risk for its members' most important products and services.

Protects Verticals

  • Holistic approach to protect technology areas.
  • Changes investment decision of NPEs


  • Willing to deter the largest NPEs
  • Effects decisions of all NPEs

Always Deter

  • Never incentivizes future assertions
  • Deters against assertions by invalid patents

Startups Free

  • Early warning against assertion programs
  • Startups provide notification before NPE sale


  • Members can make better decisions
  • Independent of law firm, NPE, or consultant bias

All Inclusive

  • All services included in yearly membership fees
  • Leave whenever you want and keep any license

Unified “is ideal for start-ups and small companies that operate in a specific technology space, …”

— Stanford Law and EFF - Hacking the Patent System —



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Protected Zones

Unified mitigates the risk and cost of NPE litigation by protecting broad areas of technology called Zones.

Unified partners with large companies, SMEs and startups to proactively deter NPE activity. Resources employed include monitoring, market intelligence, claims analysis and USPTO challenges.

By protecting Zones Unified helps to manage NPE risk for its members'
most important products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Unified is a deterrence entity, and acts independent of its members. Unified is not a law firm, and does not have an attorney-client relationship with members.
Yes. Should Unified determine that its goals can be better served by settling a post-grant challenge (or agreeing to never file any challenges), Unified will consider settling in exchange for an NPE licensing Unified, though never for money. As with all aspects of its challenges, Unified acts independently when settling, and never provides members with advance notice of negotiations, draft settlement agreements, or actual settlement. For this reason, Unified will not negotiate unless a nondisclosure agreement is in place. Unified’s practice of settling disputes springs from its long-term NPE deterrence goals, as it saves legal fees, which can be reallocated for other future deterrence activities.
Unified is the only solution designed to deter NPE activity and, therefore, Unified never pays any money to NPEs, whether to purchase licenses or otherwise. This ensures Unified never incentives further NPE activity. Additionally, by focusing on deterrence, Unified is never put into the conflicted position of negotiating a licensing deal between NPEs and defendants in litigation.
Subscription fees paid by a member with respect to one zone are not used by Unified for activities for other zones (excluding administrative overhead). If a patent or portfolio involves more than one zone, any activities and/or costs related to that patent or portfolio are allocated amongst the affected zones.
Yes. For members and non-members alike, Unified invites and welcomes any and all non-confidential information regarding demand letters, threats of assertion, or patent licensing and sales.
No. Unified (including its employees, agents and representatives) does not discuss details with its members concerning the preparation and prosecution of any patentability or validity challenge before the USPTO, including whether Unified will (or will not) file. To be specific, members receive no prior notice that Unified is preparing or filing any post-grant patent challenge.
No. Unified retains sole and absolute discretion regarding all aspects of any challenge.
This includes, but is not limited to:

(1) identifying any relevant prior art,
(2) conducting an invalidity/patentability analysis,
(3) deciding whether to file or what procedure to file,
(4) preparing a petition or request,
(5) prosecuting a post-grant challenge once filed, and
(6) terminating that challenge (including settlement).

Unified uses the subscription fees collected for each Zone to provide a wide range of services. Unified conducts patent analytics and provides those analytics to subscribed members. Unified also monitors ownership data, secondary-market patent sales, demand letters, post-grant procedures, and litigation to track any NPE activity and NPE risks in the Zone. Unified also files post-grant procedures against patents its believes are unpatentable or invalid.


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Chief Patent Counsel

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Membership Tiers Pledge Protect Enterprise
Price Free $995 $50,000 and up
Pledge to notify before selling to an NPE check check
Annual Revenue of Company < $20 M < $20 M No limit
Unified Secure Logo check check check
NPE patent prior art analysis check check check
License to any patent acquired or licensed by Unified check check check
Invalidity opinion letters of counsel check check check
Lobbying for reducing NPE activity check check check
Deterrence against future NPE activity check check check
Patent landscape analysis check check
Patent market tracking check check
Zone Prior Art Repository check check
First right to purchase patents from Unified check check
Patent litigation/PTAB database and analytics check check
Free NPE insurance (Supplied through IPISC) check

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